Dermal fillers are made of synthetic hyaluronic acid (a natural plumping component of your own skin that can be synthesised). 

As we age, skin loses its natural HA, leading to a loss of volume, the formation of wrinkles, sagging, reduced hydration and support. Injectable filler can be injected into the skin to replace the lost HA and help fill in facial wrinkles and restore a smoother appearance, revitalising and adding volume to the skin.

We only work with temporary and safe dermal fillers including Restylane, Juvederm, Revolax and Teosyal. This type of fillers are gradually broken down and absorbed by the body, or can be broken down using the enzyme Hyalase, if needed in a medical situation or if the client no longer wanted the dermal filler.

The effect can last for from 4 to 18 months (or longer) depending of the area, depth of injection, filler used, body metabolism and environmental factors such as heat.


  • Hypersensitivity to Hyaluronic acid or any of its excipients like Lidocaine.

  • Allergies to Gram positive bacterial proteins.

  • Pregnancy or Breastfeeding. 

  • Infected skin area, e.g. cold sores.


  • Coagulations disorders.

  • People using anticoagulants. 

  • People taking vitamin E, omega £ oils and Aspirin.

Pre- treatment advice

  • Please avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to treatment as it can heighten the chances of bruising and swelling

  • If you are a sufferer of Perioral Herpes (cold sores) it is advised you seek advise on antiviral treatment. (when getting fillers around your mouth or lips) 

  • Avoid dental work for at least 2 weeks before treatment and one month after the treatment.

  • Please avoid blood thinning medication, like ibuprofen,  for 7 days before you treatment, (consult with your doctor before stopping the use of Aspirin).

  • Avoid skin peels, microdermabrasion or any strong facial for at least 1 week before treatment.

  • Avoid waxing, tweezing or hair removal cream on the area, 3 days before treatment.

  • Come to the treatment with none or light makeup.

Pos-treatment advice


During the first 24-48 hours after treatment you may experience redness, swelling, bruising, itching, and tenderness. Those with a sensitive skin type may experience these post treatment reactions for longer than the typical 48 hour period. Bruising can take several days to subside. 

  • Avoid high intensity exercise for at least 6hrs after treatment.

  • Avoid exposure to cold or heat for at least 6 hours.

  • Avoid massaging the area for at least 5 days.

  • Avoid touching/rubbing the area.

  • Avoid heavy alcohol consumption on the same day as this increases circulation and may prolong bruising or swelling.

  • Sleep with your head elevated for one night.

  • Pain medication can be taken if needed.

  • Use cool compresses to the treated area to help reduce swelling and the risk of bruising (only after 6hrs).

  • Avoid using active products as AHA or Retinol during the first 24 hours as these may inflame the area.

  • Delay using make up on the treated area until the next day.

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Avoid spicy food on the day.

  • Do not get any facial treatment for at least 2 weeks.

  • You may feel lumps in the area during the healing, you can gently massage your lips with clean hands after 5 days.

  • We advise clients to take arnica tablets and anti-histamine a from a couple of days prior to their appointment to help reduce the possibility of bruising and swelling. In some cases clients may have extreme swelling which generally subsides within 24 hours and bruising may take between 2 - 10 days to reduce.

Final result will be visible 2 weeks after treatment. 


  • Brusing, swelling, redness, tenderness to the area is normal post procedure and can take up to 1- 2 weeks to fully settle. this can be manage with cold compress and arnica tables.

  • Infection, discolouration, granuloma, lumpiness, vessel occlusion; all these are very rare complications but we have been trained to manage them.  


Lip Enhancement 0.5ml- 

                            Revolax / Velluto                                                               £140 

                            Restylane                                                                           £165 

                           Juvéderm                                                                            £185


Lip Enhancement 1ml- 

                            Revolax / Velluto                                                                £170 

                            Restylane                                                                            £195 

                           Juvéderm                                                                             £225 

Nasolabials (nose to mouth lines) 1ml                                                        £190    

Nasolabials (nose to mouth lines) 2ml                                                        £300           

Smile Lines (Marionette Lines) 1ml                                                             £190       

Smile Lines (Marionette Lines) 2ml                                                             £300         

Cheek Enhancement 1ml                                                                              £190

Cheek Enhancement 2ml                                                                              £300    

Chin Augmentation 1ml                                                                                £190       

Chin Augmentation 2ml                                                                                £300     ​

Jawline Augmentation 2ml                                                                          £300     ​

Jawline Augmentation 3ml                                                                          £400    

Tear Trough (under eyes) 1ml                                                                     £250      

Tear Trough 2ml (done in two sessions)                                                    £400           


Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty                                                                              £250 


PACKAGES:  excludes tear trough and rhinoplasty

Between any of the following areas: 

Lips 1ml, Jaw 2ml, chin 1ml -2ml , cheeks 1ml -2ml


3ml                                                                                                                 £440

4ml                                                                                                                 £580

5ml                                                                                                                 £690


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