Soft and fine Pre-made fans that will save you lots of time during volume sets.


Lashes Details:Narrow fans box: 240 fans per box


You can get a great light to medium volume set with one box or used 1.5 for a more dramatic look.


Each fan is made with 4 individuals 0.07 lashes, approximately the same weight as a 0.15 classic lash.


For Application Use our 25-degree Volume Tweezers for a better result. Pull the fan off the strip with tweezers by holding all 3 lashes (in the middle) and gently pulling towards you.


All GOLDEN LASH, lashes are: cruelty free, antibacterial and lightweight


Mix trays 7mm to 13mmCruelty Free Best PBT material.

4D Pre-made lashes (narrow fans)

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