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Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 plays an important part in the body’s processes and maintenance and is said to provide the following benefits:

  • Increases energy levels

  • Fights fatigue and tiredness

  • Promotes deeper sleep

  • Helps maintain immunity

  • Contributes to healthy mood

  • Helps maintain mental clarity

  • Helps promote healthy cell division

  • Enhances growth and repair of all cells

  • Contributes to healthy weight management

  • Contributes to healthy skin, hair and nails 

  • Contributes to cardiovascular health by helping to regulate homocysteine levels

  • Latest research suggests there may also be a link with preventing dementia!

Vitamin B12 shots may not be suitable for people with a history of:

  • sensitivity to vitamin B12

  • Leber’s disease, which affects the optic nerve

  • kidney problems

  • hypokalemia, or low potassium levels

  • deficiencies in other nutrients, particularly folic acid and iron


Each vial is 1ml, containing 1,000 mcg’s

Price £40 for one injection or £99 for a pre-booked course of three shots.

How often should I have a B12 shot?

We usually recommend them fortnightly for 3 sessions. Then once every 3 months.

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