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Henna Brows offer a great alternative to brow tinting, helping to add volume and definition to your brow. The perfect treatment for those with sparse brows as it not only tints the brow hairs for up to 6 weeks but also the skin underneath for up to 2 weeks.

Please note that henna will affect the skin in different ways depending on your clients skin type e.g. Dry/dehydrated skin will stain much darker, and for longer than oily skin.


This course covers the techniques to enable you to provide a professional Henna Brow treatment.

No previous experience required.


Theory is delivered online with clear diagrams. The practical element is taught in a one day training session at Katherine Vitoria Studio and Academy.


Consultation and contra-indication guidance is covered in the theory element of the course. Photographs and diagrams ensure this course is both engaging and informative to give you the confidence to perform Henna Brow treatments.


During the pracical day you will be able to learn all steps and tricks to master your eyebrow skills from Master Katherine Vitoria and also:

  • Choosing the correct colour

  • Client consultation

  • Contra-indications

  • Brow Design

  • Skin Preparation​

  • Henna Application

  • Waxing

  • Aftercare advice


This is an in-depth course and for that reason we only allow a maximum of 4 students.


Student may practice on each other under Katherine supervision



More about the course:

Module List

  • Introduction, Reception & Consultation

  • Anatomy & Physiology of The Skin

  • Anatomy & Physiology o The Hair

  • Contra-indications Preventing Treatment

  • Contra-indications Restricting Treatment

  • Preparation

  • Technique of Henna Brows

  • Technique of Waxing Brows

  • Contra-actions & Aftercare

  • Practical


CPD Points



Qualification Obtained:

GTi Award


Supercilium henna (optional)

Prices star from  £139, click bottom bellow to see all the options 


Next course:
-Full day 26/07/22
from 10:30pm to 11:30pm

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